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The moment I laid eyes on the Adoptions4Ever website, I knew in my heart that I had found the place and people to help me in my situation. At the time, I was 30 weeks pregnant and stranded in Kwa-Zulu Natal aged 30 years old. I was in an emotionally unstable frame of mind and desperate for help. Taking a huge leap of faith, I sent an e-mail to Adoptions4Ever explaining my situation and received a reply within only a few hours. From there, progress was swift and within four days of sending that first e-mail, I was safe in Phalaborwa at the Adoptions4Ever mother home, Huis Talitha.

The Huis Talitha house parents, and their two adult children were amazing. From the time I arrived they took such good care of me. The house mother was especially amazing and we developed a very close bond. As a result, I will always love her as a mother figure in my life. While at Huis Talitha there were so many people that helped and attended to me on different levels.

After some time I met the parents who were going to adopt the child I was carrying, the couple chosen by Beatrice (I wanted a closed adoption), were perfect. They were absolutely everything I wanted in parents for the child.

Finally the big day arrived and everyone, including me, was so excited but nervous at the same time. I honestly don’t blame any of them for feeling that way as adoptions tend to fall apart at the last minute but I knew in my heart from the day I found out I was pregnant that this child was not destined to be raised by me. I was just the incubator for a desperate yet so deserving couple. I admit that I started getting more and more nervous as the time drew nearer for me to go to theatre for the caesarean but, then again who wouldn’t be? The doctors and the nursing staff at Tzaneen Medi Clinic were so kind and attentive to me. I truly had the best care possible and am so grateful to all of them.

Seeing the pure joy, love and adoration on the adoptive parents faces after everything was done was the biggest thank you and relief for me. All the sacrifices, tears, anxiety and pain was worth it.

Foremost I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the adoptive parents. Without them this adoption would not have been possible. I know that the child I have blessed them with is such a huge gift to them but the gift that they have given me by wanting this child is just as huge and so special.

I also want to thank the house parents for taking such good care of me and for loving and accepting me as one of their own. I will always love them. To all the people I met whilst at Adoptions4Ever – all your love, support, nurturing, advice, understanding, well wishes, prayers, faith in me, faith in God, constant smiles and laughter – thank you.

Forever grateful,

Birth mother

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