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A poem to *Daniel

My dearest *Daniel

My sweet, little innocent baby.
There was a time when your life was a big maybe.
You are unexpected and a miracle,
But when I found out about you, I was hysterical
I can feel your body moving inside mine
I just want to hold you until everything is fine.
You changed my life, it’s difficult to tell
But one thing I know for sure is that you’ve saved me from hell.
My sweet baby you are so loving and small,
When I look at you, you make my heart whole.
You are a real miracle from God to me.
And there are so many things you’ve made me see.
My sweetest little twinkle star
I sit and wonder where you are.
We’ve met on the 21st of May
And believe met that was my happiest day.
I want to feel your kick one last time
I want to feel your body safe and sound inside mine
I want to hold you and never let you go
But I know what’s better for you, so that is a NO
The love I have for you is impossible to say
I hope you and me can meet again one day.


Your birth mom

All my love.

*Names have been changed in the interests of privacy

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