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We got married in August 2007 and had decided to start trying to conceive immediately. I got off my contraceptives and hoped it would happen within three months, with teenagers falling pregnant everyday how hard could it really be? I was in for a shock of my life. A year later nothing had happened so we decided to seek medical advice.

After various intrusive tests for trying to do something so special, private and beautiful we discovered my fallopian tubes were blocked. The only way for me to conceive was through IVF. We saved some money and in 2010 March we started with treatment, we conceived but lost the baby at 8 weeks. It was sad but we were optimistic because it worked. In June we tried again and it worked but 3 weeks later the embryo stopped growing and we lost the pregnancy. With the funds almost depleted and our hopes shattered we were faced with a decision to make. We could either try IVF for the last time and that would be the end of it if it did not work or consider adoption.

After tears and mourning what almost was but could never be we decided to take the adoption route. It was not an easy decision to make because even though we were ok with it we had to prepare our families and make them understand our decision. The child would not only interact with only us but the whole family so it was important to have everyone on the same page. After long discussions everyone was on board and we all gave up the idea that I would be pregnant one day and took to adoption with passion.

We started our meetings with our social worker and counselling was done, on the 3rd of January 2011 we were told that there was a girl wanting to give her babies for adoption, they were twins. Going through IVF we always prayed for twins so we would not have to go through this again, so it was not a difficult decision for us to make. We would adopt both children, and we did.

The first day we saw them, I can say it was love at first sight. All our insecurities and uncertainties went out the window because these children needed us. The first night I slept with my son, he slept on my bosom and that’s the only place that would calm him and my baby girl was the independent one, still is and she has a smile that just lights up the room. They are the most loved, kissed and cherished babies because we know what it took for them to come into our lives.

They grow everyday and I look at them in awe and wonder. I admire their mother and even though I don’t know her personally I love her so much for choosing life on their behalf and for my sake. I will teach them to love and appreciate her as I do and to know that giving them up was the most loving thing she could have done for them.