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Nadia’s* health made pregnancy a risky situation. Nevertheless, she tried to conceive and underwent fertility treatment until she decided that it was time she and her husband considered adoption. After three years of waiting, a birth mother chose them from a selection of adoptive parents and virtually overnight, Nadia and her husband became parents. “We received the call from the adoption agency and heard that a birth mom wanted to meet us. We were so nervous. She had had her baby boy eight days earlier and had decided to give him up for adoption because her circumstances were difficult and she already had children who she was struggling to care for. Nadia says, “When she reviewed our profiles, she saw that my husband loves to fish. She remembered little of her own father but did recall that he was a passionate fisherman. This helped her decide that we were right for her little boy. We assured her that this child would be raised with every opportunity to experience and enjoy the outdoors.”

Nadia and her husband took the child home to a welcoming party of about 40 people. “I had never even changed a nappy before and here I was with this gorgeous child with soft blonde curls and the baby things our friends had given us that we hadn’t had time to get. Even today he loves to hear the story of how he was born from my heart through another woman’s tummy, and how I struggled to change that first nappy.” Now, at eight-years-old, he goes everywhere with his father, and loves fishing and hunting and camping.

Nadia was grateful they had the opportunity to adopt this wonderful son and she felt that God had meant for her to have a daughter too. Two years after adopting their boy, they were aware of another child in need of a home. The adoption agency advised them that they had been chosen by the birth mom to adopt the little girl. The mother was experiencing a high risk pregnancy and there were fears that the child would be harmed or exhibit signs of the mother’s alcohol dependency. “We were concerned that having a special needs child would compromise the care we give our son, but it wouldn’t have made any difference to how much we wanted her. We had faith that she would be fine…and she was. Now we are blessed with two beautiful children who love each other like mad and who are so similar to my husband and me.

The adoption process is like a partnership. The adoptive parents are so blessed to be able to give the children a life and this allows the birth mother to go on with hers. “This matching of parents to children is a Godly act – it’s not human. You see the hand of God in it. Our children know they were adopted and we’ve explained to them it was God’s plan right from the beginning.”

*Names have been changed in the interests of privacy, but this is a true account shared by a woman who want to inspire and assist others facing crisis pregnancy or following the adoption pathway.