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Category: Adoptive Parents

Gratitude and Joy (Afrikaans)

Toe ek Robbie ontmoet het, het ek geweet dit is my droom man. Die man vir wie ek die Ja-woord gaan gee, ’n man wat so lief is vir kinders soos ek is. Ons het vir so bietjie meer as 2 jaar uit gegaan, in die tyd dat ons uitgegaan het ons altyd van kinders […]

When dreams come true

After years of trying IVF and meeting various social workers, we received a phone call 3 months ago from Adoptions4Ever to say we were going to become parents. We then had the longest 2 months waiting for our son to be born. He is certainly worth the wait. Our son was born on 29 September […]

My infertility and adoption journey by Terri Lailvaux

It’s really something that never occurs to the average girl or woman.  We are so certain that one day we will grow up and have babies (those of us that want them).  It’s nature and it’s a calling.  I remember as a little girl saying things like “when I am big, I am going to […]