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Support Groups

DESCRIPTION CONTACT DETAILS A forum to try and get more ideas and stories about transracial adoption in South Africa from adopted parents, adopted children/adults or birth mothers and -fathers who gave up their children. The organisation believes that 'sharing knowledge that lies within us can only help each other'.
Adoption discussion and support group A support group run by a Clinical Psychologist and a Social Worker where the several adoption issues are discussed:

  • Cross cultural adoption
  • Dealing with loss and feelings of rejection
  • Telling your child about their adoption
  • Extended family
  • Dealing with the attitudes of the public
  • Sibling relationships
  • Peer relationships
  • Discipline
  • Relationships with biological parents
  • Answering difficult questions
Jean Luyt

084 685 4839

Rainbow Support Group (CT) Meets on the last Thursday of every month at 19h00 in the hall next to the Lady Buxton Clinic in Claremont. Originally for people involved in Cross cultural adoption, but now for anyone involved in adoption. Meetings are usually an informal chat about any issue that someone wants to raise. Every three months there is an earlier meeting (18h00 which the children can come to as well) Ann Bruce

021 638 3127

Rainbow Support Group (JHB) A trans-racial adoptiong support group (based in Jo'burg) that have been meeting for several years. Some meeting are get togethers to chat and share experiences, sometimes there are guest speakers. All childrend are invited as it is good for the kids to see that there are many families who are just like them. Mary

Pretoria Adoption Support Group (PASG) The group offers support to individuals and couples considering adoption (transracial families, single parents, gay parents or any other family), as well as those who have already adopted their precious children.  Meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month in order for adoptive families to socialise, share experiences and to offer hope and encouragement to newcomers.   The PASG facebook page was created to provide additional information and a source for contact with all members.  Please search for us on facebook or alternatively contact us on e-mail: Michelle Aspeling
072 698-9991
012 3511636

The Cross-racial family group Group meetings are either in Summerset West at Cotlands or in Stellenbosch. Meets once a quater with invited speakers. Riana Coetsee

083 284 7319

The Stuart Little support group Meetings are once a quater in Sun Valley, usually on a Saturday afternoon where everyone with adopted kids get together to play. Tiggy and Paul Goodwin

021 785 3575
082 728 7944